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400watt mh for veg and 400watt hps for flowering. I use an ebb and flow hydro system of 4 rubbermaid tubs spaced evenly in the room.

How To Set Up A Grow Room Part 8 Best Grow Room Setup 2018

As for strains iam looking at ppp master kush or ak48.

Closet grow room yield. I use gh flora series 3 part nutes. We are also talk about cloning topping plants to increase cola sites. We ll take you through the basics about marijuana grow rooms and give you advice on how to prepare your chosen growing space along with a step by step guide.

How to design and build a basic closet grow room ok im going to try and start of with the simplest grow room imo which is a closet grow this is ideal as most ppl can find a closet to use somewhere so i ll run through all the things to do and take into account from mine and others experience as my garden is not constructed yet due to moving house then i sadly wont be able to provide pictures. I average 20 ounces of cured weed per crop. My closet area is 3 x3 with 30inches of plant height.

Growing cookies gsc x gorrilaglue in a closet. Growing cannabis indoors usings led grow lights. With a migro 100 led grow light installed or one with similar efficiency and light output par in umols you can yield up to 135 grams every 8 weeks when growing 1 large autoflower plant in the grow closet.

The resultant footprint of the grow area is 50cm x 60cm or approximately 2ft x 2ft. Supercloset is home to the 1 selling award winning best grow boxes grow cabinets and hydroponic grow systems for all your indoor gardening needs. I ve plumbed the reservoir into the adjoining room that was a linen closet.

Grow room design grow room setup now you ve decided to be an indoor marijuana grower your grow room setup is key to producing healthy blossoming plants. Supercloset s all in one turn key smart grow tent system makes indoor gardening simple and fun. I need to meet a quota of 12oz every 6 months or 2oz per month.

I plan to do lst on 3 female plants from feminized seeds. I use two 430w hps for the entire grow. I ve grown a lot of crops in that room.

At 9 wide 5 deep and an amazing height of 7 11 this smart grow room gives you over 400 cubic feet of growing space.

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